Summer Oral Health Tips from our Cheltenham Dentists

Posted on August 08, 2017 by Marcus Davitt

Summer Oral Health Tips from our Cheltenham Dentists

Whilst you enjoy the fun, food and festivities that summer brings, it’s important to keep your teeth and gums healthy! Here our Cheltenham Dentists offer five top tips for your summer oral health regime.

1. Keep to your normal routine

You may be busier around the summer months, but it’s still important to maintain the same oral hygiene regime instructed by your dentist. Brush your teeth thoroughly at least twice a day and remember to use inter-dental tools to clear any food debris.

2. Lay off the fizzy stuff!

Cooled carbonated drinks offer refreshment during the hot and sticky summer months, but they don’t do too many favours to your teeth. Tending to be very sugary and acidic, too many fizzy drinks can quickly lead to problems with enamel erosion.  

3. Water is your friend

Good old H2O is important in keeping you hydrated during the summer, but also does a great job for your teeth. Drinking water, especially with a meal, helps to clear your mouth of the debris that causes the build-up of plaque and related complications.

4. Never rush to brush

It’s always advisable to wait at least an hour after a meal or drinks before brushing your teeth. This is because some foods and beverages, especially those that are acidic, can cause tooth enamel to erode, and brushing can cause damage to your teeth whilst in that weakened state.

5. Visit your dentist

This one sounds very obvious, but a summer check-up at the dentist will help to identify any problems that might be occurring with your teeth, gums or general oral health. Appointments usually last less than 30 minutes, and will give you the confidence of knowing your summer smile is perfectly healthy!


If you would like to organise a summer check up with the Bath Street Dental Surgery in Cheltenham, please call us on 01242 259960. Please note that we accept NHS and private patients.